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Florida USA:
"ICPA Research Award"

The International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) provides a forum for criminal justice professionals to join in a dialogue and to share ideas and practices aimed at advancing professional corrections.

The "ICPA Research Award" for technological advances, was presented to Aims Corporation at the ICPA 5th AGM and Conference, October 2003 at the Sheraton Convention Centre in Miami.

The ICPA Awards Program recognises outstanding progress and excellence with respect to the mission of the ICPA, particularly those achievements which advance humanitarian approaches and advance professional corrections.

The Research Award, a very important award for the ICPA recognized a technological advance developed by Consolidated Computer Services for AIMS Corporations Smartcard based systems at Acacia Prison in Western Australia

This technology provides offenders control over certain aspects of their life in a way that mirrors external society such as purchasing and managing their funds.

The program incorporates 24 touch-screen prisoner ATMs geared for use by individuals with low literacy levels.

In addition, the technology allows for a safe environment within the institutional setting by allowing for control over prisoner movement. Offenders can make purchases from the canteen via touch-screen ATM access and they can use the Smartcard to access their trust accounts and make fund transfers. Through the intranet function, prisoners can access prison policies. Finally, the ATMs can be used to make job applications and book appointments.

"Asia-Pacific Smart Card Industry Excellence Award"

Two Queensland companies, Consolidated Computer Services (CCS) and Aims Corporation, were presented with the "Asia-Pacific Smart Card Industry Excellence Award" for design and innovation, at the Cards 2003 Convention, 4 September 2003 at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

The award was presented for an outstanding contribution to the Australian Smart card industry and providing an innovated approach to the technology.

Aims Corporation and Consolidated Computer Services formed a strategic alliance to develop and implement an innovative Smart Card System at the 750 bed medium security ACACIA prison in Western Australia.

Prisoners and staff are issued with an individual personalised Smart Card for movement control, canteen and vending purchasing and information access via computer kiosks.

"The use of this technology in the prison environment teaches life-skills that remove a range of institutional behaviours and assists in the development of a sense of worth and self esteem. These life-skills allow the cardholders to have more control over daily tasks and they will be better equipped to reintegrate into society later."

This prestigious award was presented by Richard Fleming, Chairman of Asia Pacific Smart Card Forum and accepted by Tim Place from CCS and George Signoretto and John Cooper from Aims Corporation

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