Vehicle Satellite Tracking

Technology Used:

  • Visual C#/ C++
  • MS SQL Server
  • GSM communications software
  • Satellite communications software
  • On-board computer software

CCS developed a complete vehicle tracking system which allowed the monitoring of various vehicle aspects. These include vehicle speed, location, cargo and status. The vehicle kit facilitates communication with the use of an on-board computer interface unit, satellite, and GSM communications equipment.

Vehicle Satellite Tracking

This allows a remote tracking facility to map vehicle positions at regular intervals or on demand. Thus providing audit-able proof of the delivery of the vehicle's cargo. Vehicle status information is logged in order to monitor vehicle events such as opening a door, stopping and starting the vehicle.

In addition, various alarms can be raised when the vehicle has traveled outside of its permitted area, or when the vehicle is speeding. The system was implemented with a fleet of high security vehicles.