Smart Card Applications

The CCS Developed Multi Application Smart Card provides the ability to combine the ease of Smart Card use with secure technology to more effectively operate within the following areas:

  • Access Control
  • Biometric Authentication
  • EFT Transfer Kiosks
  • E-Purse
  • Identity Validation
  • Information Kiosks
  • Loyalty
  • Movement Control
  • PC Logon
  • Point of Sale
  • Vending Machines
Smart Card Applications

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CCS Smart Cards are capable of the following functionality:

  • Smart Card Issuance Application - Scheme Enrolment, Photo ID Production, and PC Login
  • Smart Card Maintenance Application - Card Re-Issue, Access Permissions Modification, Hot Listing and Data Export
  • Smart Card Transaction Application - Reporting, Reconciliation, Analysis and Offline Transactions Authorised Access Application - Logging, Alerting, Emergency Headcount Reporting, Real Time Cardholder Monitoring and Locating
  • Point of Sale Application - Stock, Sales and Cashier Instant Reporting, Stock Control and Pre-emptive Purchase Advice
  • Local or Remote Network Authentication - Validation of Scheme Enrolment, Processing of Credit and Debit Requests, and a Complete Audit Trail
  • End To End Site Turn-Key Solutions

CCS Smart Cards can be used in the following applications:

  • Contact and Contactless Smart Card Readers
  • Touch Screen Information Kiosks for Secure Purchasing and EFT
  • User Configurable Options Settings and Configurations
  • Cardholder Self Analysis of Financial Position via Information Kiosk
  • Integration with Diverse Systems - Accounts, Stock, Suppliers, Equipment and Libraries
  • Custom Drill-Down Reporting
  • Food Beverage and Business Machine Vending via Smartcard E-Purse
  • Access Authorisation and Monitoring with Historical Reporting Capacities


This product utilises the CCS Developed Multi Application Smart Card and was the recipient of the Asia Pacific Smart Card Forums "Design and Innovation" Award in 2003.

The award winning "STEPS" utilises Smart Cards to enhance the care and well being of inmates and greatly assists operations staff to manage the facility. The personalised smart card issued to inmates and staff members allow the following functions to be authenticated:

  • Movement and monitoring of cardholders throughout the facility
  • Controlled trust account transfers and enquiries
  • Canteen and vending machine purchases, and
  • Information access via kiosks

This produces a holistic management tool for the site, allowing operations to comprehensively manage all cardholders' activity from macro to micro level. In addition, inmates are able to make daily decisions for themselves without compromising security.