Smart Card ATM System

Technology Used:

  • Smart Cards
  • Web Based ATM's
  • MS SQL Server

CCS developed a Prison Program for a 2000 inmate Prison in Western Australia.

Smart Cards

The system enhances the interaction between the inmates, guards, stores and administration personnel, providing simple monitored access to inmate information, travel and procurements. Inmate movements are monitored via proximity readers through out the prison.

While an inmate is in a work location their hours are logged and wages are automatically transferred into the inmates trust account. The inmate is able to transfer funds from their trust account to the electronic purse on their Smart Card at the ATMs.

These Smart Cards are utilised in the vending machines by both inmates and staff. The ATMs also display general prison information, inmate information and allows inmates to book appointments with staff (such as doctors, psychologist etc) and purchase goods directly from the Canteen.

The prison program development has been successfully completed and has been utilised since 2001.