Network Support

CCS has consulted and assisted in implementing networks for some of the world's largest companies. Engineer teams have skills in the following areas:

  • Network operating systems - Windows Server, Novel Netware, Unix, Linux.
  • Personal operating systems - Windows, Apple, Linux.
  • Web tools - Web Browsers, Content Management Systems, DNN, Wordpress, Adobe Creative Suites.
  • Applications - MS Office, MS Share Point, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server.
  • Storage Devices - A range of backup hardware and software solutions.
Network Management

Businesses require their network infrastructure to provide a reliable and efficient platform for their business applications to utilise. The consequences of network failure can be far greater than just the salary cost of the staff member unable to access their Personal Computer. Costs can include:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Opportunity
  • Decline in staff morale
  • Loss of data (clients' records, internal procedures, accounting information)

Consolidated Computer Services network support and maintenance agreements have both a pro-active and a re-active component.


It is far cheaper and more efficient to prevent a problem before it occurs. Regular maintenance not only allows the engineer to become familiar with the site (which can decrease the down time considerably in emergency situations), it also prevents a high percentage of emergency situations to arise. Eg. An outdated virus patch provides no protection against newer viruses. CCS schedules a regular timeslot devoted to conducting a network maintenance and support program at the clients' site.


While you can reduce the risk of network failure with maintenance, procedures should be in place in the event of an emergency. Emergencies can arise from external factors, such as hardware failures, power surges/ lightning, or even user error. CCS has a range of response times available, depending on your business requirements.

In addition, CCS maintains a formal register of all emergency responses which can assist in the proactive components of the support agreement.