Ordering System

Technology Used:

  • Visual c#
  • MS SQL Server

A wholesale bakery had grown to a size where a lot of their manual systems where failing or taking too long. Not enough or too much bread was been made, goods being packed incorrectly, delivery drivers not taking the most efficient route and having to back track and orders not been correctly invoiced.


CCS observed all the manual processes and designed a software program that automated many of the procedures. The Program included the following functionality:

  • Staff are able to enter the orders directly into the program while the client is on the phone or from faxed forms.
  • Bakers receive a report, which has automatically calculated how much dough to be baked
  • Packers receive a detailed list of all goods for each client
  • Couriers receive a list of all clients in order of the most efficient route
  • A file is imported into MYOB for automatic invoice generation

Since the programs installation customer complaints have been greatly reduced and the owners are no longer working unnecessary hours.